Care management and guardianship services
Care management and guardianship services

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Care Management Services — IVA Can Give You Peace of Mind

We are your health care advocates, helping when you or your loved one needs it most.  We seek to improve and protect quality of life for people challenged with a wide variety of special needs and medical conditions.  We do this with compassion.  We directly serve individuals and collaborate with other professionals – elder care attorneys, financial planners, trustees; among others.

Committed to always providing the best possible care planning and services:

  • Needs assessment, care planning and implementation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Financial, legal and medical evaluation with referrals to specialists
  • Arranging access to suitable community resources
  • Caregiving coordination and quality monitoring
  • Liaison with family, health care providers and professional advisors
  • Help in understanding and obtaining insurance benefits
  • Advocacy, education, counseling and empowerment
  • Timely reporting and performance review
  • Assessing public benefits: Medicare, Medical Assistance and Waiver Benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), Veterans Benefits

IVA… making lives better.

Being an Intervention Associates care manager is fulfilling and wonderful, challenging and demanding.

I am so often inspired by the human spirit as individuals and their families live through turmoil and overcome obstacles in really tough situations.  I earned my master’s degree and am a social worker with 30 years of experience.   The fact that I am part of the team that helps people cope and heal and rewrite new chapters in their life story; well, I consider it a real gift.

My own personal story sets the foundation for my professional one.  When I was 10 years old, my mother’s physical health began to fail.  Her kidneys gave out. Then my father’s spirit gave out with the stress of it.  As mom suffered through dialysis, and I did my best to manage the household; dad cycled in and out of psych hospitals with debilitating depression.   When my parents died, I decided to live my life dedicated to their memories: with joy and peace…caring and compassion for others.

I have experience working with people of all ages across a very wide variety of needs.  Many care managers on the IVA team bring this depth of experience coupled with a specific area of expertise.  My specific area of expertise is behavioral health.  I have significant experience helping individuals who suffer from mental illness, advocating for clients suffering the stigma of their ailment and enabling access to services available to them.

I am here to help you too.  Or a loved one.  Do you have a client you’d like to discuss?  Let us know.  Our caring team of experienced care managers specialize in geriatrics, mental illness, behavioral health, children and adults with special needs and traumatic brain injury; among other areas of expertise.

Are you an attorney, estate planner, trust officer, or other professional with a client who has care-related needs?


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