Initial Assessment

About the Initial Assessment

The following list represents a sample of the comprehensive client information gathered by an Intervention Associates care manager. The care manager uses this information to prepare a detailed, narrative-style assessment report, from which the care plan is derived.

Medication Profile
•    Current Medication
•    Allergies to Medications

Nutrition Profile
•    Allergies to Foods
•    Dietary Restrictions or Special Diet Food Preferences
•    Supplements/Vitamins
•    Meal Preparation

Current Health Practices

Previous Health Status

Systems Review
•    Vision & Hearing
•    Integumentary/Skin
•    Respiratory
•    Cardiovascular
•    Endocrine/Hematologic
•    Immune
•    Gastrointestinal
•    Musculoskeletal
•    Neurological
•    Genitourinary
•    Nutrition
•    Dental
•    Mental Health

Life Satisfaction

Health Care Providers
•    Primary M.D.
•    Eye Doctor
•    Dentist
•    Specialists

Preferred Pharmacy

Future Care Preferences

•    Medicare, Medicaid, VA Benefits
•    Private Insurance

Overall Summary of Observations/Areas of Concern/Recommendations

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