Care management services in Philadelphia, PA
Care management services in Philadelphia, PA

Care Management

Care Managers

Your IVA Care Manager is your personal champion for your health care needs. IVA Care Managers will take on the responsibility of patient advocacy and overseeing a customized combination of care planning and special needs services.

At Intervention Associates, we follow a team approach to care management.

We work with family members and professionals to understand your situation’s specific challenges and deliver high quality care to the individual(s) in need. We work with expert legal and financial advisors to ensure each and every effort is the best that it can be.

Professional Needs Assessment and Care Planning

Starting with a needs assessment, IVA Care Managers develop a thorough, tailored care plan. The plan is immediately actionable. Your Care Manager collects input from doctors, therapists, attorneys, family members, and other professional support systems, and provides a comprehensive written report, not a templated checklist.

This care plan includes information on the individual’s situation, environment, values, and preferences. It ensures complexities of the health care system are navigated and recommendations are in place to make the most of available options.  It is crafted to encourage stability, vitality, independence and stewardship of funds.

Comprehensive Care Plan Management

Once a care plan is in place, we effectively administer it to see that services are seamlessly delivered.  Often, care plans recommend that a supportive network be established for a client across community-based, government and private resources.  The IVA Care Manager will put this in place and monitor its effectiveness.  If the care plan includes home health aides, we are often able to source and refer you to home care and concierge services through one of our preferred vendor partners.

Complete Care Coordination and Monitoring of In-Home Care Services

Care managers carefully oversee and monitor the quality of services provided to ensure the client’s satisfaction.  This includes arranging periodic “check-in” contacts or visits, hearing client’s feedback and filling a role as an intermediary with health care providers, advisors and family – nearby or far away.  Ongoing written reports are provided.   These reports are useful as we strive to provide services along the full continuum of care.  The goal is to maintain flexibility that can address changes in an individual’s needs.

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