Care management services for attorneys in PA
Care management services for attorneys in PA

Support for Professionals

IVA has Professional Partnership with Attorneys and Advisors

Intervention Associates brings you over 30 years of experience in health care and human services.

You have knowledge and expertise in your profession as a trust administrator, attorney, financial advisor, estate planner or physician. We have knowledge and expertise in ours as care management providers for all types of health care needs. Together, we can better serve the clients you might encounter with mental impairment, geriatric related issues, physical disabilities, special needs, chronic ailments or other debilitating conditions.

By partnering with us, you can ensure your time and resources stay focused on your professional specialty. We will collaborate with you to properly assess and address day-to-day concerns of your clients with geriatric and/or special needs.

Intervention Associates provides your clients with comprehensive care management.

  • Formal needs assessment to identify problems and make recommendations for level and types of services required
  • Detailed care plan with comprehensive care management and monitoring of all services
  • Ongoing care management with monthly, narrative follow-up reports written
  • Documentation for your records and/or court proceedings
  • Review of financial, legal and medical concerns with referrals to appropriate specialists
  • Crisis intervention support
  • Liaison with families
  • Assistance in moving a client to or from a retirement community, nursing home or other facility, and supplementing or monitoring the care provided
  • Patient education and advocacy
  • Individual and family counseling and support
  • In-service training for your staff on a range of subjects
  • Assistance in acquiring, interpreting and optimizing Medicare, Medicaid, Disability, VA and other benefits programs
  • In-home support to age in place

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