Signs That a Loved One May Need Help

Have you noticed changes in the memory, habits or overall condition of a family member? There may be cause for concern if a loved one …

Shows signs of physical changes:

  • Seems physically fragile or unsteady when standing
  • Has fallen more than once, with or without injury
  • Has lost or gained a significant amount of weight
  • Doesn’t take medications as prescribed
  • Often complains of feeling fatigued
  • Has dirty clothes, hair or bedding
  • Has stacks of bills, paperwork or unopened mail around the home
  • Has body odor or odors in the home
  • Has difficulty seeing or hearing well enough to communicate properly
  • Has unexplained injuries or bruises
  • Has many alcoholic beverage bottles in the trash
  • Has not adequately maintained the home

Shows signs of psychosocial changes:

  • Appears confused or forgetful
  • Appears anxious or depressed
  • Is unable to clearly explain things or describe needs
  • Shows mood or personality changes
  • Is increasingly isolated and refuses to go out
  • Refuses to go to the doctor or dentist
  • Is newly suspicious of previously trusted relatives
  • Has experienced deterioration of relationships with others
  • Doesn’t remember asking about the same thing repeatedly

Experiences other significant life changes:

  • Has suffered the loss of a spouse, child, partner or pet
  • Has recently lost the right or the ability to drive
  • Has had significant others move away
  • Is no longer involved with friends, neighbors or community

Safeguard Those You Hold Dear

If you see indications that a loved one may need assistance, a professional evaluation is the best place to start. One of our highly credentialed care managers can work with you to provide a thorough face-to-face assessment of your family member, then design a customized plan to meet his or her needs. Please call 610-254-9001 us about your concerns without obligation.

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